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Here are the details of the covenant!


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Links /h3.
Here is a collection of links that are useful for the campaign. List is sorted in order of relevance/usefulness.

Project Recap
bq. Aptly describing itself: Welcome to Project: Redcap, a Web site devoted to the tabletop role-playing game Ars Magica. Our goals are to provide links to as much Ars Magica-related material on the Web as possible, in as many languages as possible, and to serve as an online encyclopedia of both official and fan-created material.

The Net Wizard’s Grimoire
bq. Highly Recommended: Here is a place you can learn all about spells, get spell ideas and generally get a feel for what kinds of things you can do with forms+technique combinations. It also has virtues and flaws, which is less recommended since there are seventy billion already. But the spells are very, very nice!

Ars Magica Play Example
bq. This is a great campaign where the session notes have been posted on the forums. Highlight of the entries is the Certamen example. Top stuff!

The Iron-Bound Tome
bq. A RPG and Ars Magica related gaming blog.

Sub Rosa
bq. An Ars Magica fanzine, Australia-based. Looks really good, but does have a subscription cost.

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